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Some Minnesota pictures Nov 2010

Minnesota Institute of Arts - Nov 2010


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Photo of Wright Brothers flying a glider in 1902

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The data in the Genealogy section was last updated in 1994. We had to start somewhere with the site, but that means we're missing some critical info. Please help update it by forwarding any information you may have in the Feedback section. We're trying to get the research and data gathering going again...after a several year break. This is an all-volunteer effort to benefit all, so we appreciate your support and understanding!!

Looking For Lost Family "Branches"

As far as we can determine, there are various branches of the Bochard clan located throughout North America and Western Europe. Some are known to reside in Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, California, Oregon, Florida, Texas and New York, as well as France, Germany and the United Kingdom. We would love to hear from you! Please drop us a note in the Feedback section if you don't see any of your family represented in the Genealogy section.


This site is about family -- keeping in touch with relatives, meeting new ones, and, as Jim Bochard so aptly put it: fostering communications across the miles. Among its features, it contains information on nearly 70 family surnames -- related in some way to the Bochard clan. Every effort has been made to incorporate as much information on each family as possible. Take a few minutes to click around, but don't miss our Genealogy section! It represents years of research and grows by the day. In it you'll find easy to navigate: surname indexes, individual biographic pages, ancestral charts, as well as a calendar of important dates (births, deaths, marriages, etc.). There is a wealth of information to explore! For those who enjoy looking at history, stop by our Photo section. It contains some photos that are over 100 years old, with more to follow. Do you have some family pictures you would like to share? Whether recent or historic, we'd love to post them. Please notify us in the Feedback section. Everyone enjoys reminiscing and learning from these precious family treasures!

The Wright Brothers flying one of their first gliders in 1902. Distantly related through a marriage link in 1984 between the Bochard and Glass clans, this is one of many exciting pieces of ancestral and American history to explore... Find out more about the Wright Brothers here.
Do you have current family or individual pictures we can post? How about your own family page? Let us help! Please send what you have to Thumbnail sized picture of the Tim Bochard family
The Tim Bochard Family
Tim, Deb, Bryce and Natasha Bochard on board Tim's last ship,
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